Ventura,CA, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Installing high-quality pavers has?many advantages for Los Angeles-area homeowners, including a high return on investment when it comes to increasing the curb appeal of your home. Regardless of the location or kind of pavers you want to install, finding a trustworthy, experienced, highly-rated Southern California contractor for the job is tricky. Here, we provide a few tips to help guide your search. Read our full step-by-step guide?here.?

1. Defining Your Project.?

Before you go on to search for or select a paving company for your project, it’s best to know what you need in advance to streamline your search to contractors that provide the services you need. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:??

  • Do you already know exactly what?pattern, finish, and type of paving stones?you want to be laid, or do you need a design consultation to guide your project goals??
  • How flexible is your budget??
  • What timeframe do you have in mind??
  • Is it a standalone paving project, or is it part of a larger refurbishment, redecoration, or landscaping effort??

2. Researching Contractors

First, gather recommendations from friends or colleagues. There are a huge number of Southern California pavers, and the best way to narrow it down is by gathering the opinions of people that you trust.?

Next, take the list of recommendations you’ve gathered and conduct an online search for the following information:?

  • What services do they provide??
  • Examples of their work on their website or in reviews.?
  • What materials do they use??
  • Client reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.?
  • Licenses and board certifications, which you can cross-check with the?Contractor’s State License Board of California.?

Finally, call each contractor for a free approximate estimate on your project. This will tell you not only if they’re in the ballpark of your budget, but give you some hints about how their customer service will be throughout the course of your project, including their responsiveness to questions. And remember: if an estimate sounds too good to be true, it probably is.???

3. Potential Hires and Narrowing Down Your List

Ideally, you should have a shortlist of contractors that you are excited to work with. At this stage in the process, you should expect to schedule in-person estimate meetings with representatives from the contracting company.?

During this meeting, assess the quality of the customer service and how knowledgeable and experienced the representative seems to be, as well as making sure that the quote can be broken down into specific price points. Some companies may email you with a quote in follow-up to the meeting, and this is acceptable too.?

Ultimately, the final choice comes down to your project goals, your budget and schedule constraints, and how compatible you are with the culture of the company. These steps should give you some insight into this information.?

?In summary, to get the most out of your project, be sure to go with a?highly-recommended, experienced, trustworthy Los Angeles paving contractor?with a?proven track record of high-quality work?and appropriate certifications. For more information about pavers and paving projects,?click here.?

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