Dubai, UAE, Oct. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mohamed Sarhan, a young entrepreneur from the land of the deserts has set out to make the world fashionable with his unique taste in merchandising.?

Mohamed Sarhan established in 2016 to add more life to what can be considered boring and mundane clothing. He set out to make his mark in one of the ever-evolving industries i.e. the fashion industry.?
He is an entrepreneur with a vision to bring the best of the fashion to the party culture and leave people in awe of even basic apparel like a face mask that he sells. However, there is nothing basic at…! What can be pushed off as a simple face masks stand out when you buy them from as they are sound activated with optic fiber lights on them.

When asked about what made him enter the fashion industry with the idea of merchandising unique clothing Mr. Sarhan quirkily replied “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes” and that fashion always fascinated him.? He is the only merchandiser and retailer in the whole of the middle east to sell the clothes that he does. His clientele extends to all corners of the globe. He started with a single shop in the global village and gradually grew to have 5 shops in the global village in 2019. He has a diverse workforce from different countries who vouch for his work ethics and long vision.

Mr. Sarhan’s goal is to have his clothes rule every party. With a big vision, he is set out on a mission to light up the world with his unique and futuristic fashion that incorporates the latest and the best of the technologies available.

+971 56 989 2555